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We are committed to be a hotel band
that contributes to the success of local communities.

We provide hotel investment, design and management services. In Taiwan, Japan, and New Zealand markets, we work closely with key partners in architecture, construction, legal and real estate. We assist owners to identify market insights, to come up hotel positioning, and to access investment financials. Once strategic directions are determined, we go head and work with local teams and partners to execute plans in property investment, hotel design, and building construction or renovation.

Our hotel management team is particularly specialized in vacation rental and boutique hotel management. We get involved at early stage of property design, and initiate recruitment, training, and operations months before construction completion.

Akasaka Hotel

Akasaka Apartment Hotel

Situated within Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan, the hotel starts operating in 2018.

A rare stylish and spacious 4 stories building in Akasaka, center Tokyo city. Located on 2nd, 3rd and 4th floor, the 3 flats are not only elegantly designed & built with modern Japanese style, but also filled with relaxing natural light coming through surrounding Japanese paper windows. With spacious & classy kitchens, the entire apartment is perfect for a group of family & friends. Walking distance to Tameike-sanno and Akasaka metro station and various restaurants and shops.


Mount Fuji Hotel

Located by Lake Kawaguchi overlooking Mount Fuji, the hotel will open in 2023.

Its building area is about 2,400 square meters, uniquely designed for a group of family and friends. We have talents from Taiwan and Japan working on this project to deliver a highly anticipated project in this area.

Mount Fuji Hotel
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